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Supporting You in Obtaining the Healthcare
You Need, Want, and Deserve!
Are You Feeling Confused, Frustrated, Overwhelmed, or Powerless about Your Healthcare?

Feeling frightened and unsure about a new diagnosis?
Need help understanding and sorting out insurance and medical bills?

Do you have a family member in need of medical care that you cannot be with?

I Am Here to Help

As a Board Certified Patient Advocate, I support patients, families, and caregivers in navigating the healthcare system. I am an independent health advocate working exclusively for you – not for a hospital or insurance company – to help you obtain the best possible care.


Raye Elaine Headshot

I partner with you and your healthcare team as you navigate through the healthcare system to manage complex or confusing medical situations.


With over 40 years experience in the healthcare field I understand how the health care system works and how to make it work for you. I can assist you and your to family to feel safe, empowered, and calm in the midst of a health crisis and ongoing healthcare needs.

of Having a Patient Advocate
  • More effective healthcare and 
    improved outcomes


  • Feeling in control of your healthcare

  • Safer healthcare, someone looking out for you

  • Financial savings

  • Peace of mind, the space to
    focus on healing

" Raye Elaine has been invaluable in helping me during my heart failure and pacemaker surgery.  She is my healthcare Angel!"
~ Ray E., Petaluma, CA

"Raye Elaine was really helpful to us when we needed help with my late wife dealing with cancer. She was there all the time we needed her."

~ Leonard D., Battlemountain, NV

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