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Resources for Patients and Families

Choosing a Health Plan: How to Prepare for Open Enrollment

HICAP - Free Medicare Counseling for Choosing a Medicare Plan

Angel Flight West - Free Medical Transportation for Those in Need

Telehealth: How to Use Zoom

With the Covid -19 pandemic much routine and non-urgent care is now being done online. Here is a simple video that guides you through how to use Zoom. Most of the other online video conferencing and telehealth apps are very similar.

Greater National Advocates

  • Find an Advocate in Your Area

  • Information on Patient Advocacy

  • How to Find and Interview an Advocate

  • How to Advocate for Yourself

  • Tools and Resources

Patient Advocate Foundation Logo
  • Case Management Services & MediCare Lines

  • Co-Pay Relief Program

  • Financial Aid Funds / National Financial Resource Directory

  • Breast Cancer and Heart Disease and Other Disease Resources

Engaged Patients
  • Free access to tools and resources patients and families need to be fully informed and participating members of their health care teams.

Mesothelioma Hope

  • Information and Resources for Patients and Caregivers

Articles & More Information

The Importance of Having or Being a Patient Advocate

How to Stand Up for Yourself at the Doctor's Office

'A Second Pair of Eyes': How Patient Advocates, Hospital Ombudsman help navigate healthcare maze​

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