My services can vary greatly depending upon your unique situation and needs. Below are some examples of ways that I might work with you. To find out how I may support you in your healthcare journey, please contact me for a Free Consultation.

A Few of the Ways I Can Support You

  • Coordinate and accompany you to medical appointments

  • Communicating with medical staff, getting answers to questions

  • Assist you in understanding clearly what your doctor is saying and help you ask the right questions, so that you feel comfortable and empowered with your medical care

  • Help you learn more about your medical condition and treatment options

  • Provide information to help you make difficult medical decisions

  • Review your prescriptions and medications, explain what they are for and review with you and your doctor if needed

  • Help you navigate the insurance maze, file health insurance claims, dispute denials, and manage or reduce your hospital and medical bills

  • Help you understand your end-of-life planning and paperwork like living wills, DNRs or other advance directives

  • Be there for your family member when you cannot. Be your eyes and ears. 

  • Help your family come to agreement on decisions that need to be made for a loved one who needs health-related assistance

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Raye Elaine BCPA

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Raye Elaine, BCPA does not provide legal, medical, accounting or financial advisory services. 
If you need help with any of those services, please seek help from the appropriate professional.