• Raye Elaine, BCPA

Enjoy Spring Hiking, But Watch Out for Ticks!

Ah, this beautiful Spring and Early Summer weather in Northern California! And our new freedom to hike the trails and beaches without masking. So great for our health, not just body but mind and spirit as well.

While you are out enjoying the beauty of nature, be sure to maintain an awareness of ticks, which can be carriers of Lyme disease (not all ticks carry it). Not just in wooded areas, but also in the brush areas along the coastal beaches, according to Daniel Salkeld, a research scientist at Colorado State University who recently published a study of where ticks are prevalent in Northern California

Salkeld recommends that hikers in the redwoods and beach goers who have trekked through or had their dogs roam through beach scrub throw all the clothes they wore in the dryer for about 20 minutes after returning home, and check themselves and their dogs thoroughly for ticks.

Lyme disease can be crippling and even deadly. Don't stop going out and enjoying the outdoors, but do a simple check when you get home. If you find a tick and have a concern, you can take it to be tested at your local Health Department.

To Your Health!

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