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Incredible Grace in the Face of Cancer

"Its Okay"

I recently saw this video and was so deeply moved I had to share it. This is a somewhat different post for me as it is not about healthcare treatment or support, but it is about the courage and grace of one individual in her battle with cancer, and how she is sharing that with the world and others in severe life threatening illness.

In my eyes this woman, Jane Markewicz who goes by NightBirde, has become a channel for Love and Grace through her incredible battle. This is a clip from her America's Got Talent audition, where she shares some of her story as well as her song. You can find her and her story on Instagram: @nightbirde

Please share this with others who might need this kind of inspiration.

(for those of you not familiar with AGT, the Golden Buzzer means the contestant goes right to the live performances)

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