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International Nurses Week!

Wednesday May 5 - Wednesday May 12, 2021

Every day, every year, nurses around the world not only provide medical care, but also emotional support, encouragement, compassion and kindness. In this last year especially, our nurses have been called on even more for their dedication and willingness to sacrifice in service to those in medical need, many even gave their lives.

As of October last year it was estimated that as many as 1500 nurses had died from Covid-19, estimates of all healthcare workers around the world are as high as 20,000 as of the one year mark of the official start of the pandemic.

As a healthcare worker myself, I have spoken with nurses who have lost colleagues, survived being infected, and who are suffering the long term impact of the virus. I have spoken with ones that have been the last person at the bedside of dying patients where families could not be present due to quarantine.

Please take time to express your gratitude to these brave men and women, ones you know and ones you don't. Offer up a prayer, make a donation, post a message, share this post.

In Deep Gratitude to All Nurses Around the World!

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