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Passive Monitoring System for Elders and Family

Often we may have elders or persons with disabilities that still wish to live alone, but may be at risk for falls or other events that they may not be able to reach out for help. Here is a wonderful system that allows the person to continue having their independence and allows their loved ones or caregivers to know if there is an abrupt change in their habits that my indicate a problem. It also has a simple tablet on which the person can push one button to connect with their loved one from a distance. This can equal peace of mind for both the the person living alone and their loved one or caregiver who cannot check on them in person.

Passive Monitoring: What Is It?

Here is the idea behind “passive monitoring”.

What if you could equip a house or apartment with sensors that could notice whether the person was:

  • happily walking around vs having fallen and lying on the floor?

  • eating regularly or not;

  • getting a good night’s sleep or not;

  • showing early warning signs of various medical conditions like infections; and

  • getting lots of exercise vs becoming sedentary.

And what if the sensors could report back to some type of “dashboard” on which a caregiver or family member could keep an eye on how the person is faring with respect to issues like the above?

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