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The Challenges of Auto Immune Disease

In my practice I am frequently contacted by patients with "mystery diseases", reporting years of pain and sickness, symptoms sometimes shifting all the time, consults with dozens of doctors, batteries of tests, diagnosis after diagnosis, and random treatments with no real answers or relief.

Friends and family become frustrated and exhausted and relationships fall apart. The person feels alienated , labeled, and abandoned by the healthcare system.

There are healthcare advocates that specialize in working with these patients, who know the physicians and clinics who really understand and have compassion and expertise in this area.

If you know someone like this, please understand THIS IS REAL. Do your best to support them even when it seems like the things they are investigating to help themselves seem way outside the box.

Following is a free docuseries coming up that addresses some of the issues and possible answers to this often debilitating disease. Please share it widely so it may help someone who is suffering and we don't even realize it.

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